Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why do they want our DNA?

Today the Supreme Court ruled that it was "constitutional" take a DNA swab for potential felons charged with violent crimes.


Are you really going to trust THIS GOVERNMENT with your DNA? Are you willing to trust ANY government with your DNA?

It starts with violent crime, but next thing you know you're gingerly walking down the street when you pass your friendly-neighborhood-police officer, sworn to protect and uphold the law, and what does he do? HE SHOVES A GODDAMN COTTON SWAB IN YOUR MOUTH! And there's NOTHING you can do, because the second you protest, you're cuffed and cited for "obstruction of justice."

From there your DNA is sent to an "FBI processing facility" which we all know is sheeple-talk for the underground laboratory in Denver International Airport where the DNA is being put to work creating clones to be harvested and fed to the Reptilian elite.


In one year you could be sitting on your sofa while simultaneously being devoured all because you looked at a cop funny.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mammalian destruction by means of luxury cruises.

This weekend a Royal Carribean Cruise ship caught fire, sending thousands of panicked vacationers rushing to the upper decks of the ship and to safety. This is the third "cruise ship disaster" in the past year, which begs the question, what's causing all these budget luxury cruises to go wrong?

The answer a complex plot devised in the base of Denver International Airport where the reptilian illuminati shadow government meet to progress the destruction of the mammalian race.

Now here's the real question, why would a group of financial successful shapeshifters step up to destroy a popular vacation resource, targetted to the wealthy?

Because cruises weren't for the wealthy. They're for in-debt college students and middle class families who want to feel as if they exist among the societal elite. These people are (not to get too Salinger on you) phonies and any reptilian of means is capable of taking to the seas in their own private yachts. Meanwhile, the reptilians are sending out their pawns in form of waiters and waitresses to sabotage these cruises. So far the results have only been moderate disgust, shit in the hallways and uncooked food. But this latest "electrical fire" is a step above the past two attacks and I predict that before the end of the year there will be a full blown Cruise Ship Tragedy where thousands of sheeple are incinerated or drowned, whatever it is it will not be pretty but it will fit perfectly into the reptilian agenda.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Benghazi Cover-Up

Lately I've heard a lot of "reporters" in the mainstream media speaking about the Benghazi "cover-up" when they don't know the half of it. Government mismanagement? That's not a cover-up, that's more of the same from those who think they control the "land of the free."

Land of the Free? Free to be sheeple maybe! Open your eyes! The supposed Benghazi Cover-up is nothing more than a cover-up itself, and Barack H. Obama knows exactly what I'm talking about. How does he know? Well it would seem "Barack Honduran-Milk-Snake Obama" is part of a larger globalist reptilian conspiracy.

First of all, Honduran? Not even American, so let's drop the "he's a kenyan-muslim" bit because he's a Honduran-Reptilian. Benghazi wasn't a terrorist attack, it was an inside job perpetrated by the Reptilian elite to send a message to the mammalian race. The message wasn't for the sheeple, it wasn't for the sheeple dogs, mammalian as we may be. No! The Reptilians wouldn't waste there time sending a message to the sheeple when day in and day out they put bullets through our heads and harvest us for their meals and our skin for their clothes. Yet, there's a higher race of mammalians, pulling the strings and engaged in constant war with the reptilians. They are our protectors.

The Reptilians knew there was at least one Mammalian elite amongst the Benghazi Four and they wanted to send a message to dwindling elite population. THERE'S NO OTHER POSSIBLE EXPLANATION!

President Obama and Hillary Reptilian Clinton were in on the whole thing, they're just playing dumb in order to divert attention from the larger reptilian conspiracy. And don't think this will hurt their stance in politics, remember the hidden electoral college is made up of young, hip, reptilian college students.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angelina Jolie: Reptilian?

Angelina Jolie has recently made headlines with her double mastectomy. Sure she may have a legitimate health concern-but there's no conclusive evidence that reptilians aren't susceptible to cancer. PLUS her partner, Brad Pitt, is a noted Reptilian (as noted in the reptilian ensemble film, Ocean's Thirteen).

With this double mastectomy we may soon know if Angie is in fact a reptilian. How so, you ask. Well, the answer is quite simple. A double mastectomy will leave Jolie noticeably flat chested, so what happens when she shows up in her latest film full chested? Reptilian limb regrowth! It's the only possible solution.

For now no evidence has come forward to prove her reptilian origins one way or the other, but if we keep our eyes to her breasts we may know the truth soon enough!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet Going Down and Sweet Going Down: The Truth about Pineapple Cores

For years the so called "Food and Drug Administration" has insisted that we refrain from consuming Pineapple Cores.

Now, I question any government group, but a one that exists for the sole purpose telling us what we can and can't put in our bodies is one to be most suspicious of. Through FDA regulation they have the ability to outlaw all food with the exception of poison and then tell us that poison is safe. The sheeple would flood into stores to pick up the Government Grade Poison that fills the shelves of the fifteen aisles of their local supermarket.

The truth is Pineapple Cores aren't as dangerous as we've been lead to believe, in fact they are absolutely harmless, but the Reptilian Shadow government would have us believe otherwise.

You see, it's long been said that the consumption of Pineapple sweetens human semen, increasing the possibilities of oral intercourse. Now the majority of Pineapple slices derive from the outer circles of the fruit, as the central core has been said to be "off-limits."I have spent the past two months performing a series of tests on my own semen to know just how much Pineapples affect the taste. I had a control sample to know what the basic flavor was and it was none to pleasant. I then consumed nothing but traditional pineapple slices over the course of a week and discovered a shift in flavor. I took a week off and returned to my traditional diet of medium raw red meats to return to the control substance and then consumed solely pineapple cores. I discovered that through pineapple cores not only was the result more flavorful, but the pace at which it intensified was two-fold. To top that off, I didn't even come close to death like the FDA had previously warned.

So why would the Reptilian run Food and Drug Administration insist that we avoid the core of the Pineapple? Because they want us to reproduce. Yes, contrary to Alex Jones' theory of depopulation the reptilian shadow government is actually working to insure that we create offspring. Now I may not be too experienced in the field but from my research oral intercourse cannot lead to pregnancies. In the end, the Reptilians want us to reproduce so they can consume our children. Everyday hundreds of human infants go missing for one of two reasons: So Reptilian Scientists can perform conversion tests upon them to create more Lizard Children, or so that the Reptilian elite can look down upon us as they consume our own infants.

I implore you, Sheepledog.blogspot.com reader, eat pineapple cores, protect your potential offspring and in some small way help to fight the reptilian menace.